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About Course Chariman

Introduction of course chairman: Tsun-Nin Lee, M.D

Dr. Lee's Philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) -- Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine

Graduates' Comments on Dr. Lee

Sample Publications of Dr. Lee
Thalamic Neuron Theory: A Hypothesis Concerning Pain and Acupuncture.
Thalamic Neuron Theory: Theoretical Basis for the Role Played by the Central Nervous System (CNS) in the Causes and Cures of All Diseases.
Thalamic neuron theory: meridians = DNA. The genetic and embryological basis of traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture
Treatment of Rhinitis with Acupuncture
Injection of Single Acupuncture Locus in Treatment of Posterior Shoulder Pain
The Principle of Symmetry in Acupuncture

Graduates' Comments on Dr. Lee

The following are written comments from some of the graduates about Dr. Lee, who designed and developed the curriculum:

Thomas Yarema, M.D. Kappa, HI
"Dr. Lee's commitment to each student's success in embracing TCM is commendable."

           "Along the wondrous journey, 
            uncovering the underlying truths 
            ancient and modern of TCM, 
            Dr. Tsun-Nin Lee has guided us gently, 
            elucidated the riddles, 
            and inspired us to fashion our tools 
            and implements for the loving 
            and practical application of this art." 

David Kamlet, M.D. New York, NY
"Dr Lee: Your intelligence and gifts as a teacher are greatly appreciated. I will always look upon you as my teacher and look forward to a long term relationship."

Peggy Finston, M.D. Prescott, AZ
"I want to thank you again for encouraging me to participate in Phase 2. It has been life-changing for me both personally and professionally."

Virgilio Almaden, M.D. Brawley, CA
"Dr. Lee did a wonderful job."

Peggy Hassell, M.D. Edmond, OK
"Dr. Lee's constant attention to optimizing our experience in too many ways to list. Dr. Lee is a master teacher in use of language and metaphor and examples which make the material easier to understand. I could listen to him for as long as he could speak."

Debra Iannuzzi, M.D. Oakland, CA
"Dr. Lee's approach of making sense of TCM was very helpful. Gave us a way to think about the meridian system and use principles to address problems."

"Dr. Lee did a wonderful job of making sense out of a very complicated/complex subject."

Doan Nguyen, M.D. Bismarck, ND
"Dr. Lee: Busiest person for the whole phase 1. He appears to be motivated on helping all trainees to understand TCM as much as possible."

"Thanks for Dr. Lee's effort to organize this Symposium. It has been helpful to change me from skeptical about acupuncture to be confident starting the clinic in the private hospital to help a number of patients suffering from many illnesses that are not satisfactorily treated by conventional medical treatment."

Kerby Stewart, M.D. Austin, TX
"Dr. Lee is consistently excellent. Observing Dr. Lee treat cases was very helpful."

Dana Wadsworth, M.D. Atlanta, GA
"Dr. Lee has a great sense of humor."

Eva McCullars, M.D. Yuma, AZ
"Dr. Lee has a unique perspective and profound knowledge in his field which has made the entire experience unforgettable."

Alston Lundgren, M.D. Santa Fe, NM
"Dr. Lee was consistent, personable and his ready, gentle wit kept class moving. Reasonably practical and helped bridge TCM and western medicine."

Shiu-Lan Lui, M.D. Fremont, CA
"Dr. Lee is very dedicated. Dr. Lee is a great teacher
not only that his is good with explaining the concepts, techniques, etc. but actually makes learning fun."

Adrienne Williams, M.D. Monroe, LA
"Dr. Lee is always excellent...Dr. Lee's knowledge and his wonderful teaching ability."

K. Peony Yu, M.D. Palo Alto, CA
"I appreciate Dr. Lee's encouragement for us to learn to think and problem solve using TCM approach and use of acupuncture."

Charlotte Wise, M.D. Gastonia, NC
"Very enjoyable sense of humor! Very patient, knowledgeable."

John O'Hara, M.D. Carol Stream, IL
"Dr. Lee is an excellent speaker."

Mary Lu, M.D. Pikeville, KY
"Dr. Lee has obviously given a lot of thoughts in this topic. Thank you for sharing with us."

Vladimir Kleynerman, M.D. Houston, TX
"Wonderful/great sense of humor, deep knowledge."

Cathy Dycaico, M.D. Davis, CA
"Dr. Lee is very intelligent, creative, entertaining and informative. He has a large fund of knowledge."

Michael Eisman, M.D. Lodi, NY
"Very knowledgeable and informative."

Ken Barnes, M.D. San Francisco, CA
"Excellent, knowledgeable good teacher; appreciate honing in on what's important and definitely appreciate humor. Your teaching is inspirational, competent, and filled with wisdom, and your humor very much appreciated."

Fred Davis, M.D. Grand Rapids, MI
"Dr. Tsun-Nin Lee, excellent speaker relating Chinese and Western ideas well."

Joseph Woo, M.D. San Francisco, CA
"Consistent speaker. Good sense of humor."

Adrienne Williams, M.D. Monroe, LA
"Dr. Lee is an excellent teacher."

Roger Espiritu, M.D. Danville, CA
"Dr. Lee is very patient in teaching/demonstrating the concepts of tongue/pulse diagnoses. His manner of clarifying concepts by using practical analogy is quite helpful
and his keen sense of humor."

Robert Han, M.D. Internal Medicine Stambaugh, MI
"Dr. Lee was very interested that we learn as much"

Clark Ridley, M.D. OB/GYN Montoursville, PA
"Dr. Lee and staff were great. Very knowledgeable."

William Washington, M.D. Internal Medicine Gary IN
"Dr. Lee is the Watson and Crick of acupuncture. Dr. Lee has successfully summarized the works of modern and ancient physicians. I applaud Dr. Lee for putting together this symposium."

Imtiaz Chaudhary, M.D. Orthopedic Surgeon Edison, NJ
"Dr. Lee is a wonderful precise teacher. Very knowledgeable."

Carlos Cruz, M.D. OB/GYN Laredo, TX
"As usual, Dr. Lee was very entertaining and informative."

Benigno Federici, M.D. IOB/GYN Suffolk, VA
"Dr. Lee is excellent. Take a difficult subject and makes it easy to understand."

Caroline Wadlin, M.D. Caroline Wadlin, M.D.
"Dr. Lee
fine lecturer; very patient teacher and very knowledgeable."

James Wilson, M.D. Emergency Medicine Austin, TX
"Dr. Lee was great."

Jack Springer, MD San Diego, CA
"Dr. Lee is an enjoyable lecturer whose ability to interpret between "Western" medicine and TCM has greatly improved my understanding of TCM principles. His enthusiasm is evident."

Sybilann Williams, MD Libertyville, IL
"Knowledgeable, practical, enthusiastic, helpful, communicative."

Julie Ann Floyd, MD Coudersport, PA
"Dr. Lee continues to be very interesting even after 5 days of lecturing."

Michael Haberman, MD Atlanta, GA
"Excellent, consistently with ability to create a relaxed but focused environment for learning."

Tom Ritchie, MD Paradise Valley, AZ
"Brilliant, provocative and ultimately practical!"

Patrick Ainslie, DDS Bloomfield, Hills, MI
"Dr. Lee is obviously a brilliant man and is very dedicated to his profession."

Sharad Pandit, MD Philadelphia, PA
"Dr. Lee is really a wonderful teacher. Listening to the spaces between the words was also very educational experience. I love his sense of humor."

Rosa Kincaid, MD St. Louis, MO
"Dr. Lee is an outstanding teacher. I love the stories and jokes he tells to illustrate points."

Supe Lyon Blackfoot, ID
"Dr. Lee is an excellent lecturer. He reads the audience and knows exactly when he needs to interject with a joke or a break. He has a lot of Qi and shares it well."

Maria Iager, MD New York, NY
"Dr. Lee is an excellent clinician and teacher with an open mind, in a generous and witty way he took the very difficult and complex task to bring east and west together in the art of healing."

Cynthia C. Fox, MD Houma, LA
"Dr. Lee's commitment to maximal exposure to TCM and acupuncture is evident in his preparation and teaching. He puts a lot of energy into the course."

J. McCall Bundy, MD Yukon, OK
"Dr. Lee is this program. He has an obvious gift and love of teaching TCM, acupuncture and moxibustion."

Sybilann Williams, MD Libertyville, IL
"Dr, Lee is an excellent instructor with a deep knowledge of his subject matter. He integrates western and TCM in a very understandable and reasoned way."

Raul Porro, MD Guaynabo, PR
"As usual, Dr. Lee's charming personality, witty comments and prodigious communication skills plus excellent knowledge of the subject makes the learning of these topics a real, delicious treat."

Syed A. Asad, MD (Neurology) Jacksonville, FL
"When I came to your course I thought I was signing up for acupuncture training. However, it has opened up this and many other vistas and treatment modalities that I can use as adjuncts to help my patients."

Margret Betts, MD Detroit, MI
"Put TCM into everyday use. Good cases with multiple problems which all us to see TCM practiced."

Velva Boles, MD Alexandria, LA
"Most rewarding aspect: Clinical sessions with Dr. Lee."

Michele E. Burnes, PA Solon, IA
"What a true passionate lecturer. I learn so much."

Mark Chu, MD (FP) Alliance, NE
"Very experienced teacher. Enjoyable to listen to and to learn from the master."

Susan Corkran, MD (Psychiatry) Still Water, OK
"What a true passionate lecturer. I learn so much."

Babak Ettekal, MD (FP) Los Angeles, CA
"The Thalamic Neuron Theory (TNT) is fascinating and accessible on an innate level particularly following the education traditionally given in neuroanatomy/neurology in medical school. Also, Dr. Lee does a great job presenting the information while also keeping the presentations interactive and with light-hearted humor."

Bonnie Lou Koski, Dr.NP Crystal Falls, MI
"Approximately 7 " 8 years ago I attended Dr. Lee"s medical acupuncture 300 CME hours training program and was extremely pleased with the quality of its content. I continue to be impressed with the excellent medical acupuncture updates from the review course. I intent to continue recommending it to colleagues."

Ruth Lagman, MD Cleveland, OH
"I think that Dr. Lee should write a book about what ke knows about TCM. He provides a different perspective from a western trained MD with background of TCM. It would be a waste if his knowledge is not put into a book for study of physicians like us and future generations."

Donald Leake, MD (AN) Duluth, MN
"Thanks Dr. Lee, a pleasure to be here, such a good learning experience. Nice people, great staff. Sorry it"s over!"

Ghulam Murtaza, MD (OB/GYN) El Paso, TX
"Excellent teacher, great sense of humor."

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