Georgette G. Alexis
(AN/Pain NY) – It was a very good course. Hope more physicians will take advantage of this course.

Eliazar Alvarez, MD
(FM TX) – I am grateful for the knowledge shared. I wish for the program to grow.

Linda Ammari, MD
(Pediatric WY) - The faculty is obviously top caliber, dedicated to bring TCM to the West. Very successful in making herbal medicine accessible, understandable and attainable to a Westerner with no knowledge of Chinese! Great!

M. Chona Antonio, MD
(Family Medicine WI) - It is very comprehensive. It is indeed a lot of help in my quest for an ultimate medicine that works.

Lynne Barnes, MD
(Pathology SC) - Excellent. Some very impressive clinical instructors.

Natalie Bornstein, MD
(Internal Medicine TX) - I had no idea these "resources" were out there. A new science to offer my patients.

Charles R. Bradford IV, MD
(FP AL) – Overall very knowledgeable faculty regarding TCM.

Larry Broisman, MD
(Internal Medicine, CT) - I really enjoyed it.

James Bromberg, MD, Esq.
(AN/Pain NM) – Learning objective fulfilled: Beyond expectation.

Rochelle Buckley, MD
(Psy OH) - Content and instructor was relevant informative and a pleasure to learn about and from. Covered content in great degree and scope, very thorough.

Joseph Charles, MD
(Internal Medicine AZ) - Outstanding teachers, comprehensive syllabus made this a thoroughly enjoyable course. Core lecture series in my opinion should be included in the curriculum for all medical students.

Linda Chi, MD
(Neuroradiology, TX) - Good knowledge of topics presented. Clinically relevant topics. Excellent integration of Western medicine and TCM. Well organized presentations.

Yum Chinn, MD
(Surgery WA) - Bringing together of timely research results and information.

Lori Christensen, MD
(G. Surgery NJ) - Faculty extremely knowledgeable; are able to effectively help us understand TCM in the western context. Pleasure and privilege to hear them lecture. Excellent experience. Excellent job of blending East/West medicine.

Mark Chu, MD
(Family Practice NE) - Now, I have more tools to use after this Herbal Course. Recommend this course to any physician.

Douglas Cutler, MD
(Internal Medicine, AZ) - The hands on nature of the course was invaluable. Tongue and pulse diagnosis. Working through problems with the professionals.

Amy Davis, MD
(IM MO) - New therapeutic options for my patients that are elegant.

S. Claudia Didia, MD
(IM TX) – Speakers were all excellent. Amazing knowledge. Botanical garden trip! Wonderful!!!

Michael Easton, MD
(Psychiatry IL) - Wow!! Eye opener. TCM can theoretically explain things I see every day where modern medication is "in the DARK." Exceptional - Generally taught in a language understandable to western MD's. Overwhelmingly exhaustive knowledge base that will take years to master. This course will start me down a road leading to a new rewarding journey in my life. Has given me a new system to greatly expand the ways I can help my patients and relieve their suffering.

Cynthia Evans, MD
(Oncology PA) - I came here because I felt there was something missing from the way I have been practicing medicine. TCM fills that void. It has added an entire new dimension to the way I analyze patients and consider treatments.

Richard Feely, DO
(Family Practice IL) - A faculty knowledgeable and helpful in teaching TCM herbs to MD/DO. Very rewarding.

David Ferson, MD
(AN, TX) - The faculty with deep understanding of TCM and superb ability to integrate age-old concepts into modern medicine. This course is a must for any self-respecting western medicine physician who cares about the well-being of her/his patients.

Julie Ann Floyd, MD
(Pain Medicine PA) - Concise explanation of Chinese herb functions and clinical indications.

Dawn Flickema, MD
(IM SD) - I would sincerely like to thanks Dr. Lee for all his work and effort he put into his TCM courses. This knowledge has rejuvenated my interest and passion in medicine. It has changed my practice for the better. I have also learned how to take care of myself and my family better.

Lisa Fortuna, MD
(Psychiatry MA) - The faculty were very knowledgeable. I am a psychiatrist, the course has sparked my interest in general medicine again and think about the patient in a more holistic way. This course will enhance my practice and even help me think diagnostically in a more comprehensive way. One of the most applicable - practice changing courses I have ever taken.

Donna Frankel, MD
(PM&R WA) - Has broadened my thinking about health and diseases. Really made principles of TCM "understandable" and make sense. Overall, thanks to you, Dr. Lee for your efforts in passing on your experience and knowledge. I was pleasantly surprised by the depth of understanding and the attempts (successful) to teach in way that integrates with Western medicine. Made this comprehensible to those of us raised in the West and trained in Western medicine. Quite a task.

Ellice Goldberg, MD
(FP CO) - Most rewarding aspect: "Free Lunch", just joking but it was very nice.

James R. Granger III, MD
(GP FL) – Being introduced to modular system. Great to have them while I developing more expertise.

R. Jan Gurley, MD
(IM CA) - Highly qualified faculty. Most rewarding aspects: Overview of the thinking behind the TCM approach.

Sheryl A. Haggerty, M.D., Ph.D.
(General Practice CA) - Fantastic course taught by scholarly practitioners-I would recommend to any physicians.

Max Haid, MD
(Hematology/Oncology WI) – This program has helped me become the healer I have always wanted to be.

Laurey Hallson, MD
(OB/Gyn FL) - A profound learning experience - has lit a fire to pursue similar interests! Thorough, beyond my wildest thought of what to expect.

Dana Bianca Harbison, MD
(Psychiatry FL) – More relevant to my practice than I expected!

Walter Van Helder, MD, Ph.D
(MD, AZ) - Most rewarding aspect: interaction of TCM & occidental MD ways.

Jane K. Harris, DO
(IM MI) - Most rewarding aspect: "Too many to even say! As I said, these were not just pearls of wisdom, these were necklaces! The lectures were excellent-every word and photo, the Botanical Garden tour/talk was, the herb recognition was excellent; al of it has been beyond my expectations.
I do think this is the best Herbal Course in our country outside of acupuncture school and would recommend it to all of those who are serious about Chinese medicine.

Ketra Ikezuagu, MD
(FM OH) - Understanding the body’s pathological processes from a whole new point of view and learning the usefulness of herbs in treating these conditions.

Jennis Iruke, MD
(Hospitalist IL): Can’t speak highly enough about all of the instructors. Not only were they all incredibly knowledgeable, but they were also amazing teachers (pleasant, professional, very approachable).

Lisa M. Jaeger, MD
(AN TN) – Very concentrated in-person learning was very rewarding.

Julie Kessel, MD
(Psychiatry FL) - This was a great experience and absolutely should be a part of what we learn as medical practitioners. It also invigorated my interest in medicine.

John H. Kim, MD
(OB-GYN CA)- Learned a lot about Herbal Medicine. Good to have insight into TCM theory beyond what the usual courses and textbooks. Overall excellent quality. Very enthusiastic and helpful faculty.

Walter Kobialka, MD
(Internal Medicine CT) - A well-balanced presentation of the topic. Very thorough.

Bruce Larva, MD
(Emergency Medicine MI) - Most rewarding aspect - the dedication (passion) of speakers to spread knowledge of TCM. Extremely well organized activities through the program.

Mark Leventer, MD
(Family Practice MI) - This is a very good program to present the basic, important features of Chinese herbal medicine, giving me the confidence to alter traditional formulas based on the TCM presentation. I will definitely be adding this approach to my practice.

Steven Liu, MD
(Oncology KY) - Overall quality of faculty is excellent. Great fund of knowledge to be tapped. Great program to teach all physicians as it gets down to understand the patient (host) and how the environment (universe) is truly interconnected. We tend only to see very specific system and isolate. Sometimes, we need to step back to see the world in a different light. Thank you. Great course. Would recommend for any physician who wants to learn more about medicine from a different culture that may truly be beneficial for their patients.

J.M., M.D.
(PM & R, CA) – Appreciate all the effort and organization. Affects personal health care and my suggestions to co-workers much more than I expected.

Doina F. Marina, MD
(OB-GYN TX) - Excellent.

Mylon Marshall, MD
(IR CA) - Learning herbs as they are in reality in the herb recognition lab, tasting concoctions, and learning of Dr. Yuan’s excellent work at Univ. of Chicago.

Amy Matecki, MD
(Internal Medicine CA) - Overall this course helps me on combining Western and Eastern medicine. Well-organized and lots of efforts to put this lecture series together. Thank you! Set up a very unique style to learn TCM. Worth the investment and very useful for Western trained physicians to understand TCM's practical value.

Michael McNett, MD
(FP NY) - In addition to the valuable information about individual herbal agents and fomulas, the emphasis on discussion of cases and clinical vignettes are particularly useful in helping the learner to improve their ability to make correct diagnosis and pattern differentiation. This is curcial in TCM, especially Herbal Medicine, in order to select the correct formula. I believe this unique course is the best of its kind for Western trained providers.

Derek M. Miletich, MD
(Navy CA) - Great Course! Great location. One of the best courses I have been to. Dr. Lee's clinical pearls are great. Please include more of this component in the course.

Sepideh Minaaraghi, MD
(IM CA) – This whole concept was very new to me. I am very glad I stumbled on this course. It will change my practice tremendously.

Gary L. Monroe, MD
(Anesthesiology AK) - Amazingly thorough introduction to Chinese Herbal Medicine. I am sure there is no other like it.

Lauren Mozdy-Glendenning, MD
(Anesthesiology PA) - I thoroughly enjoyed the program. I learned a lot and can't wait to apply it to real patients.

Karen Munkacy, MD
(Pain Management, MA) - Learning new ways to treat medical pathologies not well addressed by western medicine.

Ghulam Murtaza, MD
(OB/GYN TX)—Most rewarding aspects: Interaction with speakers and learning from their experience.

Bichlien Nguyen, MD
(Oncologist CA) - Most rewarding: Practical aspects of the course in general - the nuts and bolts, so to speak. Thanks for doing this course.

Hung Nguyen, MD
(FP, CA) - Learning TCM to add a new dimension to the practice of medicine. Integrating TCM to Western medicine is pleasantly and excitingly possible.

Kurt Olsen, MD
(Anesthesiology IL) - Actually I would feel comfortable applying many aspects of TCM to my patients, albeit at a very basic level. Excited to learn more and incorporate TCM into my practice. The faculty was excellent. Obviously, each an expert in their specialty. The course clearly shows how invaluable/effective TCM is in clinical practice. Its application to healing safely and holistically is truly inspiring!

John Overman, MD
(Family Practice CA) - Learning medicine from the Chinese perspective is not only very rewarding but I expect to use it in my own practice.

Susan Padberg, MD
(Family Practice WI) - Extremely helpful for my practice. There are not many other foundation-programs for TCM herbs for physicians. Thanks for doing this course.

Naomi Parrella, MD
(FP IL) - Dr. Lee is amazing. He blew my mind! I would love a transcript of the lecture that I could review in place of the audio so it would be easier to review and annotate.

Sarital Patel, MD
(Internal Medicine NY) - This program gave me an excellent insight into Asian/oriental medicine and its time-tested wisdom.

David Petruska, MD
(Emergency Medicine, CA) - Incredible wealth of knowledge from the faculty members. The course is diverse and entertaining; surprisingly comprehensive.

Vanlinh Pyle, MD
(IM OK) – Good explanation of the theories of Chinese medicine can be used in practical settings.

Raquel Rosen, MD
(Neurology NY) - Great learning experience. Complete and fulfilling.

Steven Santino, MD
(PM&R WI) - Excellent and knowledgeable faculty. Great program. Can use herbal medicine immediately in my practice. Can't wait to get started.

Poonam Sehgal, MD
(AN PA) – It was very helpful to hear the new (to me) TCM concepts explained in terms that were able to be incorporated into the western physicians' mind.

Kimberly Silvers, MD, PhD
(Dermatology NY) - Very helpful to see and touch the herbs at the Herb Recognition Lab session.

Sangeeta Sinha, MD, PhD, MBA
(MHA TX) – "Extra-Ordinary". "Guru Devo Bhava".

Shiroko Sokitch, MD
(Acupuncture CA) - Really very good.

Elisa Song, MD
(Pediatrics CA) - A very well-designed and executed program. I feel well on my way to having the tools and confidence to incorporate Chinese herbal medicine in my practice. A great foundation in TCM that is not found in other Chinese herbal courses for physicians.

Robert C. Stough, MD
(Cardiology PA) - Well organized; obviously a great deal of effort has been expended in the development and implementation of this course and related material.

Richard M. Strong, MD
(Gastroenterology CA) - A very comprehensive program. I was surprised how well organized things were presented. An outstanding program in content. Superior teachers. Excellent clinical teaching. Overall the most genuine and superior experience.

Carolyn Tolley, MD
(Internal Medicine MA) - It has changed my life and will be extremely useful where Western medicine falls short.

Gino Tutera, MD
(OB-GYN CA) - I enjoyed the entire course. The information was so valuable, and it helped me to expand my horizons! An excellent informative course which I recommend to everyone.

Susan Vandenberg, MD
(Emergency Medicine VT) - Giving me an incentive to learn more about TCM as well as other alternative approaches to health care. Giving me a good overview of TCM- there is so much to learn!!! A great intro to the whole wide world of TCM.

Vantuil Varges, MD
(GI, GA) - In my specialty, gastroenterology, we deal with an enormous variety of complaints, many of which we simply discard since they are not "specifically GI". TCM has put many of these in a different perspective with many more possibilities on how to deal with them.

G.W., M.D., Ph.D.
(IM, NJ) – This is an outstanding program for physicians also wish to understand the fundamental principles and practice of Chinese herbal medicine.

David Wagner, MD
(Anesthesiology TX) - The quality of the faculty was excellent.