Jane A. Abdelhadi, MD
(Internal Medicine CA) - Dr. Lee's staff have been very courteous and helpful! The faculty have been great! The acupuncture teachers were wonderful and so willing to share their experience and knowledge.

Diana Amodia, MD
(Internal Medicine/Addiction Medicine CA) - I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in this course - both phase I and phase II. I will definitely apply this knowledge in my practice and feel comfortable doing so not only in acupuncture but in herbal therapy using the Modular System. This course is definitely worth its cost. I would most certainly recommend it to my colleagues.

Wendy Armenta, MD
(Psychiatry, NY) - Outstanding program. I feel prepared to start practicing and have confidence that I understand the general principles.

Damon T. Arnold, MD
(Internal Medicine IL) - This was a well organized and high quality program. It should be part of the general medical education of all physicians.

Syed A. Asad, MD
(Neurology Jacksonville FL) - When I came to your course I thought I was signing up for acupuncture training. However, it has opened up this and many other vistas and treatment modalities that I can use as adjuncts to help my patients.

James Ball, MD
(Internal Medicine, WA) - Remarkable, comprehensive program, well suited for physicians wishing to incorporate acupuncture into practices.

Peter Baren, MD
(PM &R, AL) - Dr. Lee's book was clear, orderly instructions, witty, easy to follow. Audio was high quality, clear.

Daniel P. Bigley, DO
(FM—Army MD) - I am excited about continuing my training and becoming a proficient practitioner of TCM.

Margret Betts, MD
(Detroit MI) - Put TCM into everyday use. Good cases with multiple problems which all us to see TCM practiced.

Velva Boles, MD
(Alexandria LA) - Most rewarding aspect: Clinical sessions with Dr. Lee.

Dorothy Bradbury, MD
(Emergency Medicine MT) - Through this course I have a much better concept of pain management and have many tools to use while caring for patients in an acute care setting.

Howard Brinton, MD
(Family Practice ID) - Sincere thanks for this eye opening introduction to a fascinating discipline.

James Bromberg, M.D., J.D.
(EM NM) - This is the future of scientific medicine.

Ai-Hien T. Bui, DO
(FM—Army GU) – Great program with overall excellent faculty that provided good lectures and shared their clinical experience. Good Hands-on workshops.

Michele E. Burnes, PA
(Solon IA) - What a true passionate lecturer. I learn so much.

Naomi L. Burr, MD, MPH
(FP TX) - This is a long course, extending over several months, but has been the best investment and use of my time ever. I can say with confidence that it is life changing.

Rebecca Campos, MD
(FM TX) - Hands-on sessions extremely useful opportunities to practice point identifications. Moxibustion lecture and demo extremely helpful. Qi-Gong exercises very educational and entertaining. Very competent teachers. One of the biggest strengths is the use of those that are actually practicing. Also the combo of L.Ac. (Licensed Acupuncturist) and MD presenters.

Sal Cerniglia, MD
(Anesthesiology NJ) - Excellent organization and presentation of complex concepts in acupuncture. Well worth the time and money.

Ricky Chang, MD
(Hospitalist AZ) – I feel Western medicine is insufficient to help patients, I yearn to learn more Eastern medicine so I can integrate it to help patients. I want to continue to learn more from Dr. Lee to spread the message and the knowledge to other medical professionals. I feel that is a greater purpose for me as a doctor & more fulfilling.

Nathaniel A. Chin, MD
(Geriatric WI) - Point finding session were great. Needling sessions were so helpful. Faculty are amazing! They have extensive experiences that they willingly share. Learning why we do something is taught here in addition to how to needle. Fantastic program for physicians. Well-presented and organized.

Mark Chu, MD
(FP NE) - Very experienced teacher. Enjoyable to listen to and to learn from the master.

Susan Corkran, MD
(Psychiatry OK) - Faculty quality: One of the greatest aspects of the course, due to the unique combination of depth of knowledge and patient persistence to teach us the "new" system of medicine.

Jocelyn Craig, MD
(Urogyn CA) - Hands-on sessions were most useful to actually try to find points and have instructors watch our work. Good to see demonstration of body acupuncture on actual person, visual learning better. Good scalp acupuncture handouts. Excellent practical tips.

Carlos Cruz, MD
(OB/GYN TX) - Excellent program. I would recommend it highly to anyone interested in acupuncture or TCM. Very enlightening and has opened my mind to a different philosophy in the treatment of patients.

Amy Davis, MD
(Integrative Medicine, MO) - Overall 300 hours course was excellent.

Lara C. DeLong, MD
(AN NY) – Excellent! Awesome. I would recommend this course to those who are interested in TM & acupuncture.

Satwant Dhillon, MD
(OB-GYN WI) - I feel I have learned new knowledge that will help me understand pathology that never make sense to me before - this will allow me to take better care of my patients. Thank you!

Regina Earle, MD
(Emergency GA) - Excellent program. Thank you! Loved the correlation of the Chinese theories with Western modern concepts.

Robin A. Edwards, MD
(EM HI) - Most rewarding aspect: "Auricular electrical stimulation which I can use in ER for acute pain."

Roger Espiritu, MD
(Internal Medicine/Allergy, CA) - Excellent training course in general, instructors have very impressive professional background and excellent teaching ability.

Babak Ettekal, MD
(FP, CA) - The Thalamic Neuron Theory (TNT) is fascinating and accessible on an innate level particularly following the education traditionally given in neuroanatomy/neurology in medical school. Also, Dr. Lee does a great job presenting the information while also keeping the presentations interactive and with light-hearted humor.

Yu-Chin Fang, MD
(FP WI) - Comments on overall quality of faculty: "Excellent experience and backgrounds! I significantly appreciate Dr. Lee and other doctors' efforts in teaching this exciting discipline to us!"

Benigno Federici, MD
(OB/GYN, VA) - Program is very well put together. As an obstetrician/Gyn, I came with the intention of using acupuncture for pelvic pain treatment. Now I realize that I can treat so much more.

Andrea Feilner, MD
(AN TN) - Most rewarding aspect: "Almost everything!!"

Cynthia Fox, MD
(Anesthesiology, LA) - Excellent! I went from vaguely interested in acupuncture as a novelty to seriously expecting to use it in my practice.

Larry M. Fraley, MD
(AN VT) – All of the faulty are very motivated to teach with a desire to impart their knowledge to the students. The hands-on portions were most rewarding. Bringing together of concepts learned in Phase 1.

David R. Freeman, MD
(FP PA) - Great preparation to practice our skills. Lots of practical hands-on in encouraging atmosphere. Instructors are all very knowledgeable in their fields with a lot to teach.

Erin M. Freilich, MD
(AN SD) – All faculty were incredibly knowledgeable, dynamic and covered an enormous amount of information in a short time. I have learned so much. Thanks for sharing all of your wisdom.

Mika Julia Fujii, MD
(IM IN) - We learn both theoretical and practical aspects of TCM - Acupuncture. The knowledge is distilled and condensed into very organized presentations. It convinces us that acupuncture is not a folk art, but it is a science!
The program teaches us valuable knowledge and various techniques that "empower us" to practice acupuncture and related modalities. We can easily expand our knowledge to keep building our database.

Ashokkumar H. Gaba, MD
(IM TN) – Kudos for conducting such a practical & comprehensive program in acupuncture, Each day of Phase II was a great learning experience & I feel very confident after attending it. God bless Dr. Lee and his excellent staff.

Carlos Gama, MD
(Neurology, FL) - "I do not have enough words to praise your program, therefore I will simply say it was Excellent!"

Mark Garry, MD
(Psychiatry, SD) - Most rewarding aspect: Learning new material that will complement my practice.

The faculty members were all very prepared and knowledgeable. They were all able to bridge the East and West very well. Very nice presentation styles.

I have found the enthusiasm and excitement to go forward in my practice armed with new techniques to bring comfort to my patients. The faculty's energy and dedication trickled down to the students which will in turn surely energize the patient. I'm excited to begin acupuncture practice.

Dennie Grech, MD
(Anesthesia, NY) - Excellent preparation for acute/chronic pain clinics.

Max Haid, MD
(Hematology/Oncology WI) - Exceeded my expectations. I enjoyed presentation of research studies.

Jennifer Hammond, MD
(Anesthesia, WA) - Most rewarding aspects: Didactics and case examinations reinforcing treatment principles.

Navjot Hanspal, MD
(Neurology, DE) - The course gives a solid analylitical basis of understanding acupuncture and integrating in one's practice.

James S. Harrold, MD
(Psychiatry, NE) - I waited for more than 15 years for such a course. Excellent, entertaining and highly credentialed faculty members.

James S. Harrold Jr., MD
(Psychiatry LA) – Excellent presentations and workshops. Very rewarding experience.

Jahan Hashem, MD
(PM&R PA) - I really enjoyed listening and following along with Dr. Lee’s “General concepts of TCM and acupuncture” audio/book session. Very interesting and informative. We had plenty of time to work on point findings. Appreciated preceptor sharing knowledge and giving us his tips for points finding.

Peggy Hassell, MD
(Psychiatry, OK) - By far the most informative CME activity I've attended.

John Ho, MD
(AN PA) - Learned tremendous amount of information on TCM and acupuncture in a method that allows one to continue working.

Gail Hovorka, MD
(FM CA) - I really liked the point location DVDs. I think I improved my point location techniques.

Syed Shiraz Hyder, MD
(Neurology, ND) - Dr. Lee and his team have done a wonderful job of putting this course together. It has everything that it takes to make a course successful.

Maria Iager, MD
(Psychiatry, NY) - I'm glad I took this outstanding course. It is a great academic setting in which integrity, knowledge, wisdom and wit are wonderfully blended with closely supervised practicum.

Debra Iannuzzi, MD
(Pediatric Pulmonolgoy, CA) - Well designed, the most rewarding aspect is the approach! Instead of a memorization exercise it gave an approach to acupuncture.

Hassan A. Jafary, MD
(IM WV): Felt privileged and honored to learn from master. Dr. Lee’s wisdom is master magnet. Hopefully one day I can be just as a wise magnet for the humanity. Thanks. You planted small tree of knowledge in one. One day you will be collecting fruits of your knowledge in many lives to come.

Josette J. Johnson, MD
(Rheumatology SC) - This is all new to me - no previous experience - so loved it all!

David Kamlet, MD
(Internal Medicine, NY) - Congratulations on the success of this symposium - a monumental undertaking! These past weeks has forever transformed the way I look at life and my role as a physician.

Rosa Kincaid, MD
(Family Practice, MO) - Great program. I am doing acupuncture in my office. I feel very comfortable with it due to this course.

Elizabeth Knepp, MD
(OB/GYN, PA) - Feel very confident to start treatment using certain points for specific problems. Started with no experience and feel comfortable now with needle insertion

Yo Kondo, MD
(Family Practice, WA) - Very useful, practical. Eye opening experience. Change my practice.

Bonnie Lou Koski, Dr.NP
(MI) - Approximately 7 - 8 years ago I attended Dr. Lee's medical acupuncture 300 CME hours training program and was extremely pleased with the quality of its content. I continue to be impressed with the excellent medical acupuncture updates from the review course. I intent to continue recommending it to colleagues.

Steve Kriss, CDR, DO
(Internal Medicine, US Navy) - Faculty members are: Knowledgeable, friendly, professional, funny, experienced. Great mix of lecture and lab.

Igor Krits, MD
(Internal Medicine, MO) - Excellent. Will come back for herbal course. Next year.

Praveer Kumar, MD
(Internal Medicine OH) - Wonderful learning experience. Wonderful teachers. Wonderful colleagues. Wonderful support staff. Wonderful city.

May Kuo, MD
(Family Practice IL) - In only 2 months, I learn and practice the basic TCM - Acupuncture, not only the theories and I am not afraid to apply the actual needling.

Ruth Lagman, MD
(OH) - I think that Dr. Lee should write a book about what ke knows about TCM. He provides a different perspective from a western trained MD with background of TCM. It would be a waste if his knowledge is not put into a book for study of physicians like us and future generations.

Bonnie Landenbach, MD
(GYN, KY) - Outstanding - theoretical and practice base.

Donald Leake, MD
(MN) - Thanks Dr. Lee, a pleasure to be here, such a good learning experience. Nice people, great staff. Sorry it's over!

Jean Lessly, MD
(Geriatrics, TN) - Many of the pieces that confused me in Phase 1, started falling into place with Phase 2. I would definitely recommend to others.

Hsiu-Hsien Ling, MD
(PM&R CA) - Excellent. Everyone has a lot of experience to share & pearls of wisdom a very practical knowledge which I can apply immediately in my practice. I can't be happier to be here!

Amy Ly, MD
(Neurology TN) – Hands-on experience. Able to see variety of tongue & palpate multiple pulses. Great to learn about TCM from modern day and western explanations.

Ashley A. McGuire, DNP
(GI WI) - Can’t wait to apply these concepts in practice. I’ve learned acupuncture can be useful with many more conditions I’ve ever imagined! A ton of information, multiple resources and formulas to reference back to.

W J Keven Maher, MD
(FP CA) – Excellent instruction in practical aspects of TCM with focus on acupuncture techniques that prepares you for skillful applications in office practice.

Viraj Master, MD, PhD.
(Urology GA) – Thank you all!!! For providing this valuable course.

Alan Magner, MD
(Internal Medicine PA) - This has been one of the most intense, most interesting and fascinating courses I've ever attended. The depth of knowledge transmitted by Dr. Lee and all associated staff has been incredible. Dr. Lee's humor and great humanity, as well as his wonderful staff of administrative assistants, has created a great sense of camaraderie among the course participants. This course will allow me to change my life style in a highly positive way, and will bring much healing, I'm positive, to most of my patients.

Lucia R-Marcial, M.D.
(Pediatrics, WI) - The faculty was well balanced and extremely experienced. Will send doctors over.

Laurance Marshburn, MD
(Anesthesiology AK) - I would highly recommend this course. I came to Phase I very skeptical. I now go home fully convinced of the usefulness of TCM, including acupuncture. This course has been one of the most rewarding and ultimately useful post-graduate training in my experience.

Michael McNett, MD
(Family Practice NY) - Very skilled, but approachable. I've spoken to graduates of other courses, I believe the instructors of this course is the best group.

Roger P. Meyer, MD
(GYN, NV) - Had no idea how much work it would take to benefit fully from the course. Over the six months, however, I was never bored and kept up my enthusiasm. The experience will certainly change my approach to medical practice.

Christopher Morse, MD
(Family Practice MO) - Overall, fantastic course - very happy that I participated.

Ghulam Murtaza, MD
(OB/GYN TX) - Excellent teacher, great sense of humor.

Eugene Muzykansky, MD
(Internal Medicine NJ) - I enjoyed the entire course and find it very useful for any medical practitioner.

Sandra P. Ogletree, MD
(GM –Navy CA) – This program sets a great foundation and sets the practitioners up to be able to make diagnoses based on TCM principles with additional hands-on instructions. I will absolutely implement acupuncture into my practice.

Joanne J. Oh, MD
(Anesthesiology MA) - Best investment towards a CME program. Acupuncture will make a wonderful addition to our current pain practice. I am excited about this treatment option!

Carmela Osborne, MD
(PM & R, MS) - The faculty and preceptors for this course are extremely knowledgeable and did an excellent job. Most rewarding aspects: Hands-on and Clinical Runs.

David Otto, MD
(Ped CA) - Most rewarding aspects: Pediatric acupuncture an hands-on body acupuncture. Enjoyed interactions with faculty and classmates. Also support team was responsive, kind and attentive.

Samantha Patwardhan, MD
(OB/Gyn CO) - It was great to attend a program in acupuncture that is geared toward Western physicians.

Susan Pearson, DO
(Geriatrics MO) – TCM is a natural extension of what I trained as a DO. Wish I’d taken the course sooner.

Raul Porro, MD
(Anesthesiology PR) - The most comprehensive and broad-visioned acupuncture and TCM course available for physicians with an excellent value/money ratio. Opens your eyes to a new world of knowledge and exploration leading to health promotion in you and your patients.

Brenda Powell, MD
(OB-GYN AR) - Excellent. Refreshed my enthusiasm for medicine and learning. Most stimulating course I have attended since residency.

Jennifer S. Powell, MD
(FM MO) – It amazes me that such a vast concept can be taught (and caught!) in such a short amount of time. Better than I originally expected.

Krishnaswamy Rajan, MD
(IM CA) - We had both external faculty on TCM and basic research correlation by outside faculty to provide a baseline and then good faculty in workshop to explain further. All were really helpful and high caliber.

Dov Rand, MD
(Physiatry NJ) - Would absolutely recommend this program to colleagues. Provided me a basis to begin treating my patients with acupuncture.

Ben Rezba, MD
(Orthopaedic Surgery VA) - Excellent program and would recommend.

Christina Rho, MD
(Endocrinology FL) - Dr. Lee is such a great lecturer! He is engaging, humorous and above all, so knowledgeable. Clearly he has a passion and commitment to share his knowledge and expertise to other physicians to enable us to help others.

Elin Ritchie, MD
(Family Practice NM) - We have learned so much that we can really start to apply this learning. I love being with such a vibrant group of intelligent physicians!

Christina Rohren, MD
(IM TX) - Outstanding!! It is such a joy to start the morning with qi gong with Master Kao. Excellent course for someone completely unfamiliar with acupuncture. I feel like this course gave a good background to TCM theories starting with Yin and Yang, and the Five Elements Theory. Appreciate hard work of Dr. Lee to consider TNT theory and teach it in an understandable way. Hard to distill such a large subject down!

Raquel M. Rosen, MD
(Nephrology NY) - Excellent program, well presented, well organized, information is updated and very useful.

Marylee Rothschild, MD
(IM KY) - Well done, thorough presentation of complex subject matters.

Juanita Sapp, MD
(Hospice & Palliative care AZ) - All faculty were approachable, appeared willing to share knowledge and information.

Doina Saxman, MD
(Pain Medicine, KY) - This entire program both Phases including Herbal Medicine is a life changing experience for me. I intend to practice both modalities in the future.

Jeff Schmidt, MD
(Neurology NC) - Excellent introduction to acupuncture with practical applicability.

Lori B. Schneider, MD
(Neurology NC) - I love how Dr. Lee teaches acupuncture based on TCM but also relates it to western medicine.

Lisa Schwartz, MD
(Internal Medicine NY) - I've learned so many basic TCM concepts...I'll never look at my patients the same way again! I have a new set of tools to take back to my practice which I'm very excited about using! My patients are excited too!

Natalie Semchyshyn, MD
(Dermatology CA) - Excellent-faculty are very interested in teaching and explanation of concepts.

Varsha Sikka, MD
(PM&R CO) - I wish I would have attended this course 2-3 years earlier.

Ramon Solis, Jr., MD
(Internal Medicine TX) - Excellent course - Fun and exciting. Mentally stimulating.

Jacqueline Son, MD
(Family Practice TX) - Wonderful instructors - I wouldhighly recommend this to anyone interested in acupuncture.

Leon Tan, MD
(Neurology CA) - Opening up a new way of looking at disease process. Informative and excellent teaching.

Joyce Tang, MD
(General Practice CA) - Gave me a new career!

Kathryn Tarman, MD
(FM CO) - It has been great to be able to learn at a self-paced computer/video generated format. I like that I was able to repeat the sections multiple times to get better understanding.

Anthony Tello, MD
(Internal Medicine ND) - Wealth of material presented and knowledge of instructors were invaluable. I was able to be nurtured from a novice level to a level that I feel I can benefit my patients. It was truly a learning experience both scholastically as well as clinically.

Wilfrido Tolentino, MD
(Neurosurgery WV) - Excellent.

An Thi Tran, MD
(FM CA) - Thanks for condensing information into approximately 6 month course and allowing physicians to easily obtain skill which can further serve their patients.

Mark A. Vacker, MD
(Integrative Med FL) – Well structured, organized and comprehensive. Everything that could be expected in a comprehensive course on acupuncture.

Jason M. Valadao, MD
(FM—US Navy CA) – Exceeding of my expectations. I gained knowledge that I felt immediately comfortable using.

G. Wang, M.D., Ph.D.
(Geriatric, NJ) - This is a very well organized program that makes it possible for a busy practitioner to learn the important principles and practice of acupuncture and TCM in a period of a few months.

Mary Warfield, MD
(Internal Medicine DC) - Learning a whole new area of medicine to enhance my current practice. When I look back to how far I have progressed in knowledge and confidence in placing needles, I realized how good it was.

Carol Weinberg, MD
(Internal Medicine IL) - I expected to be able to acquire a skill and did not realize that entailed learning an entire discipline.

Laurie A. Weisensee, MD
(Neurology SD) - I am excited to add a new dimension to my pain practice and general neurology. Myself and my patients will benefit from additional therapies now available to them. The concept of integration medicine will likely become the "norm" in the future.

Ingrid Wharton, MD
(Psychiatry MD) - Most rewarding aspect: "Points finding, rescue formulae and effective combinations of acupuncture points and how to design acupuncture treatments."

Lynn White, MD
(Anesthesiology CO) - TCM gives a far more comprehensive approach to patient's wellness. The course is well organized.

Valerie Willis, DO
(FM TX) - The hands-on portions were helpful to get me used to and more confident in finding and using the treatment formulae. The lectures were all very useful and full of applicable acupuncture formulae and explanations to better understand why certain points can/should be used. All the staff and faculty were very helpful and the course is very well organized and executed.

Charlotte Wise, MD
(Gynecology NC) - Fascinating, enjoyable - mind expanding - just as I hoped it would be.

Folashade Wolfe-Modupe, MD
(FM CA) - I enjoyed the hands-on and treatment related parts of this workshop a lot. I also really enjoy the exposure to qi gong in the course. I wish it was every morning. At the conclusion of phase 2, I feel like I can begin a journey of integrating acupuncture into my primary care practice confidently.

Adrian L. Woolley, DO
(FP IA) – As a group of physicians we can be skeptical, until it happens to us – seeing such quick results and having it done allow us to ensure our patients of the efficacy of this work and how it feels.

Karen Young, MD
(Psychiatry AR) - As a former college teacher and medical school associate professor, I certainly appreciate the extremely well presented and organized materials. My intellectual curiosity has been more than satisfied. I also have been exposed to a multiplicity of treatment methods.

Peng Zhao, MD
(PM&R, NY) - Excellent course. Highly recommended!